ARTISTI / Diego Perrone / Untitled

Diego Perrone

2018, 50 x 70 cm, etching and aquatint on photoengraved matrix. Chalcographic print in two colors, black and silver, on 100% cotton 350 gsm Zerkall Butten paper.

Edition of 50 + 10 artist's proofs.
Each example is stamped, signed and numbered.
Printed by Paolo Nava Studio, Milan.

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The subject chosen by Perrone is a screenshot reproducing a 3D reconstruction of the back of a bodybuilder's knee joint. Cut and completely isolated from the rest of the body, it becomes an abstract element, fluctuating in a flat and atmospheric space where the light describes a volume and surface that are apparently human, yet more similar to those of a sculpture. Perrone considers this subject as an element of an articulated process of stratification and repetition, an endlessly reproducible modular image. Perrone has chosen a form that mirrors and emphasizes the principle of reproducibility – at the core of all printing techniques.

Making of

“Photos by Andrea De Fusco”