ARTISTI / Marisa Merz / Untitled

Marisa Merz

2018, 50 x 70 cm, photolithography hand-printed with Eugene Brisset lithographic press on Hahnemuhle 300 gsm paper.

Edition of 50 + 10 artist's proofs.
Each example is stamped, numbered and authenticated by the Fondazione Merz.
Printed by Litografia Bulla, Rome.

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Since the Sixties Marisa Merz has been producing drawings and paintings representing feminine profiles and physiognomies. Her figures originate from the intertwinement of arabesque lines or from the accumulation of small fragments, whose rapid strokes are evocative of the strength and tension of copper wire. Completely isolated and decontextualized, the female or anthropomorphic heads appear as if they were suspended in time and space, synthetic forms that are still unstable and in-progress. The dense and nervous graphic signs design an amorphous mass that emerges 'in negative' from the white space of the paper. The latter appears divided by a dashed grid, also unstable, sketching a different space, superimposed on the two-dimensional surface.

Making of

“Photos by Andrea De Fusco”