ARTISTI / Rossella Biscotti / Alfabeto

Rossella Biscotti

2018, 50 x 70 cm, inkjet fine art print on Hahnemuhle 325 gsm Baryta paper, Epson HDR Ink.

Edition of 50 + 10 artist's proofs.
Each example is signed, stamped and numbered.
The edition is printed by Fotogramma24 Buginovi & Co., Rome.

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Rossella Biscotti's work is a photomontage of shots taken within the framework of a robotic neurorehabilitation center in Rome, where patients relearn to articulate movements and walk in an upright position with the help of a so-called exoskeleton. The action of walking has already been at the center of Biscotti's works, such as On Walking (2017), a slab of cement representing the twelve steps taken by the artist during several months of physiotherapy. This autobiographical experience is also at the heart of Alfabeto, where the artist analyzes the dynamism of the Lokomat machine by crystalizing it with the use of a camera. The movement of the lower limbs is deconstructed into several consecutive moments simultaneously represented in the work, recalling the scientific and aesthetic experimentations of chronophotography.